Independent Reflection One

The owner of the bike shop, Mr. Matjas, can be seen pictured here. I used very dark lighting to see what the after-effect would be once I edit the picture in photoshop and whether I would be able to retrieve and highlight certain details. Though this picture was taken outdoors, it looks like it was taken indoors. I like the composition of the picture, as well as the highlighted yellows which convey the brand logo of the shop. I like the placement of Mr. Matjas’ hands as it looks like he is firmly holding the brake calipers. The effect of the photo looks very film-like and a little retro too, which suits the type of bike he was holding. This was done by accident but worked out very well.

I colour corrected this image. The before and after is in assumed consequential order. I used vibrance settings and colour adjustment to retrieve lost colour. I think this worked very well as the before picture appears dull and lacking personality.

Mr. Matjas can be seen handling a saddles delivery.

I tried to sharpen the image where the saddles are by using f-stop but this created a darker hue to the picture. It was difficult to control the settings manually (which is what I have used in all these pictures) as the workshop is very dark indoors and I am used to shooting outdoors.

I prefer the before picture because the colour seems warmer and better retained. The white of the bike just appears too blue under the blue-hue format, which detracts focus from Mr. Matjas in the background.

All photos were shot in JPG to maintain simplicity and to save space on my camera whilst I continue to play around with the settings. Once I masterfully and satisfactorily can shoot inside the workshop, I will originate back to RAW.

All photos were cropped to 4:3 in line with print standard.