Fin Progress Update 4/4/22

Im trying to collect as many photos as possible to explore the collage approach in some photos still, so I went to a house party hosted by Freq at the weekend, I only had my phone to tried to see what the photos would come out like and as I only have an iPhone XR they didn’t turn out very well.

This is a photo I took of Dylan Jenkinson and Mitch Lowes, DJ’s for Freq on portrait mode on my phone, which I thought would look good with the plant in the front, the Freq sign in the background and the red lights underneath, but unfortunately it turned out very highly overexposed due to the sofa catching all of the light in the corner.

However I spent time going through all the editing options e.g. brightness, exposure etc. and it ended up being a little bit better, the edited version is below this one.

Before Editing
After Editing

I then chose to take a picture of the crowd to see how that would end up looking like, as there was a smoke machine it didn’t turn out very well without anything being done to the photo, but I get again just used my phones editing options on photo gallery which involved increasing the contrast, exposure, black point, vibrancy, warmth, shadows and definition as well as lowering highlights to create an edited photo where you can see a lot more and which makes the lights in the room pop and stand out giving quite a nice effect.

Although you cant see it much, the poster in the background is for their upcoming event happening on the 9th, which I have photos of Harry putting these exact posters up around leeds.