Mia Eden Progress Update

So far, unfortunately, I haven’t managed to test out direct shots related to my photojournalism project. However, I have been working with the camera and different tools in terms of editing to help expand my knowledge on both.

For example, I have been doing some editing on photos I had taken during my time in Italy such as this one:

This is a photo I took of Milan Cathedral. I like this particular photo as I enjoy the contrast between the building and the people on the street below, I think it puts how large the cathedral is into perspective.

However, even though I liked the frame of the photograph, I thought that the colouring could do with some work. Therefore, I edited the photo to end up looking like this:

Even though the changes are only subtle, I think they stand out to improve the photograph. For example, I added more brilliance and exposure to the photo to give it a more yellowish tinge. I also adjusted the black point on the photo to accentuate the age of the building. I wanted the photo to portray a more retro, ‘historic’ feel, and I believe this was accomplished through the slight editing adjustments.