Amelia – Experimenting in Photoshop

This week I spent some time trying to understand layers in photoshop. After playing around with them, I’m still not sure I fully understand how to best utilise the layers available, or what my objective is with each picture – I was really just using my intuition and what I thought looked best to change the look of the photo. I think, because I’m not a professional, I struggle with seeing what’s wrong with the original image which is why I can’t quite grasp what needs to be done to correct photos after. I think in order to feel more confident with photoshop, I just need to do more research and practice.

With the first photo, I wanted to add detail into it to bring it to life a little more. I also played around with the colour balance as I thought there was quite a lot of cool tones in it which could have been brought out more to accentuate details on my mum.

The same method applied for photo three, although I tried to put more warmth into this one to elevate it.

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Photos two and four are of my dog, Boe. She’s quite difficult to photograph because she’s so dark so I struggle getting the detail and light balance right – if I up the exposure and highlight the details in Boe more, she can become too dark and the background can appear too bright. I need to find a way of editing certain parts of the photo that require separate adjustments to the photograph as a whole to achieve the best results.