W/C 4/4 Progress update

Continuing to experiment after three failures

An example of a failed picture

I was struggling to take pictures within the shop as it is so dark indoors. I visited the shop on three separate occasions to take pictures.

On the fourth try, I succeeded to a degree and managed to snap a couple of decent pictures.

Quite dark, but purposely with a rustic feel
Am inspecting bars on a customer’s bike

I like the positioning and sentiment of this picture.

However I dislike the yellow-ish hue. I tried to recover the light balance in the camera’s settings.

This didn’t really work however as the lighting difference appeared to be so subtle it confused me. I decided it would be better to not confused myself and over-complicate the situation. Therefore I reverted back to automatic on the light settings, and decided to use photoshop to change the colour balance.

Blurred front with highlighted background

I tried to convey a feeling of relationships by juxtaposing Amelia with some bikes in the background. I also found photographing in the shop worked very well because of all the bike-related posters and objects which I could easily fit into the framing.

Light balance outside the shop

I tried to challenge myself with then photographing Amelia outside the bike shop. However it was very difficult again, because I was coming from a dark environment into a light environment, working on manual settings.

I didn’t like the very white and over-exposed parts of the pictures. As I like this picture and may want to use it however, I would edit the over-exposed areas down to look less white and hopefully reclaim some of the elements of the picture. Of course, this isn’t ideal. But I really liked this picture.

David and Am conversing in the shop

I love the candid expression in this picture, and I think I did it very well when I think about how I struggled the first few times around. I was surprised that the picture came out quite focused and captured the light quite well too.

I like the space within the workshop. The fact that it was a busy day also helped to work with space, expression and positioning.

Next time, I will try to take pictures of objects too, in JPG and unedited. I will also take pictures of people in RAW now that I have the hang of the settings inside the shop.

I used JPG for all the above pictures as I wanted to focus on taking pictures and reflection, rather than editing them through photoshop and selecting them for the intention of final submission.