Kaveen – Progress Update 2

As of last week my main focus was to conduct necessary research in relation to the festival itself as well as planning my potential angles and who I am going to speak to in terms of my case studies. Some potential angles:

  • How they haven’t been able to celebrate it properly over the past two years due to covid
  • Is it being celebrating different to previous years? Maybe more extravagant, more people etc
  • Peoples individual stories who are attending – the people who have made it happen/ people who haven’t been able to previously come/could look for someone attending that may not be Sikh – what made them interested to get involved
  • How the Yorkshire Air Ambulance are getting involved – speak to those on the walk/their stall at Millennium Square/ their mascot – Dr. Priti – is it for a charitable cause – what made them want to get involved – is it there first cultural event

I also reached out to one of main event organisers over the phone to set up an interview with them that focussed on the preparations so far and what has been done differently this year.

My mum will also be coming up to attend the event with me as she will be helping me to understand those who may only speak punjabi and no english. I am fully appreciative of this as she is taking time off work and paying to stay in a hotel just to support me.