Kaveen- Progress Update 3

As the event is now less than a week away, I wanted to photograph a smaller event that could be viewed as having similar context to the Vaisakhi parade. So I decided to photograph the Otley Run, which is a pub crawl through Headingley, where you stop at different pubs a long the way. Putting the religious factor aside, the Vaisakhi parade has similar context as it is a long walk through Leeds, where you stop at different Sikh temples. The Otley Run would require me to take images within a short time frame and allow me to capture portraits, close-ups and photos of crowds – all of which I plan to do for my project.

First I wanted to focus on taking images with a high f stop in order to have the whole image in focus. I incorporated an f stop setting of around 8 as I was taking images with a much larger depth of field. This was so that I could get some natural but effective looking photos. For some of the indoor images I used flash and I had to adjust some of my settings to produce brighter images but I was very happy with the overall outcome of these images as I managed to familiarise myself with taking images in an indoor setting as well as an outdoor setting in a short amount of time.

I then applied a low f stop setting of around 4 to really draw out the characters on the Otley. I first focussed on the rule of thirds with some of my subjects and played around with zoom, but I also wanted to see what a central focus looked like. By practising different angles and settings, I now know what works best for the type of images that I want to produce, especially when it comes to capturing my case studies for my project.

For these last three images, I wanted to capture something other than the people on the Otley. So I applied both a high f stop and low f stop to capture some objects in the pubs in a more intimate way. By getting close to the bar, I was able to capture an image that looked aesthetically pleasing and vibrant, as this is what I will be focussing on for my project.

For this image, I was happy with the vibrant colours and how the bottles were aligned , however the image positioning is not central so it could be improved. After reflecting on this picture, any images that I capture that may not be positioned right, I will edit in Photoshop to ensure that they are positioned correctly.

Overall, I was very pleased with the range of images I managed to capture. It has given me a lot more confidence in the run up to the festival that I am yet to photograph. I know that I will still face obstacles and may not be happy with some of the photos that I obtain on the day, but through determination and resilience, I will ensure that I produce work to the best of my ability.