Progress Update – April 11th

After an extremely chaotic 2 weeks, I can without a doubt say that the marathon went very well. Leading up to it a few days prior, the nerves definitely started to settle in – my biggest concerns were; will I be able to meet all of the runners? What if I leave and think of an image that I should’ve taken? What if no spectators are allowed at all and I don’t even have the opportunity to get the great pictures?

The truth is, these were all valid concerns – I was only able to physically meet one runner that I had spoken to before the event, I did leave thinking of a shot I could’ve taken, and there was a point where I was super concerned that I wouldn’t be able to get shots of the runners actually running. This was all normal! And I worked passed these concerns by making sure that when I got to the event, I asked the necessary questions to the event runners, to understand where I could go to take pictures of the athletes running, and it all worked out.

Since Sunday the 3rd, I have gotten in touch with the same runners to get even more detail on each case study. It was important to me to check back in with them, see how their run went and if their personal goals were met.

Before Sunday, I didn’t take pictures that related to my topic, but I don’t think this actually became a problem on the day. I had so much time from when I got there early at 8am, then all day to take as many pictures as I wanted to. There were points where I took an image and thought ‘Oh I don’t like how that looks’, but then there were hundreds of more runners that followed who I could take more pictures of and correct my mistake. There were so many learning curves that I can appreciate now when I look at the images I am most proud of.

Because I have a surplus of images from the event, here is a sneak peek of some pictures I do not intend on using for my final project, enjoy!