Progress Update – March 31st

As I have now figured out the exact topic and lead for my project, this week was all about planning after a quick turnover, considering the fact that the marathon was only a few days away. During this week I decided it made the most sense to try and get in touch with runners and event leaders through the Facebook page, which in the end most definitely proved me right.

My method of reaching out to runners pictured above, with 10 responses and positive feedback, I knew I made the right decision in utilizing the Facebook group.

I was able to get in touch with 3 of these runners straight away and had amazing phone calls with them. I then had the opportunity to fully understand their personal running journey, and how (or if at all) it has correlated to the rise in running since the pandemic. One of the runners I spoke to (Isobel Sayers) has over ten thousand followers on her running Instagram account which makes my story develop into an even stronger one! Another runner I was put in touch with had a goal of attempting to break a world record. Altogether, I was very happy and felt more confident leading up to Sunday.

I also had a play around with testing some more shots and feeling comfortable behind the camera – these two pictures are comparing how I changed the brightness after taking the first picture to really showcase and bring the beautiful colours of the fire in the BBQ to complete focus. I also wanted to move closer to get the flames moving at the perfect pace, and by increasing the shutter speed, this was possible. Although these images don’t exactly relate to the topic of my project, I didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself leading up to Sunday to perfect ‘how to take a picture of a runner running’. I wanted to get there Sunday, take some practice pictures that I know I wouldn’t use for the project, and then get going on the proper ones.