Emmie 25th April update

Since the last update, I have made lots more progress. I went out and did some more photos of my three interviewees in a league derby against Leeds. They drew 2-2, an achievement for Bradford as the last time they played Leeds they were easily beat. Here are some of my favourites which I edited and I am thinking of using in my final project:


Ash getting her shoes tied by her teammate, captain and best friend Katie, as she doesn’t know how to tie them herself
Ash signalling to her team to turn it around
Ash tugging one of the Leeds players out of frustration
Ash laughing and messing around because she knew I was taking photos

I chose these images as they perfectly sum up Ash as a person. I particularly like he third image as Ash used to play for Leeds United and Leeds and Bradford are known as bitter rivals, so there was a lot of tension in that shot. The last one I also love as it shows a lighter angle to her. I love the idea of the first image, however my camera settings were all wrong which is why the image looks so blue. This is an image I want to redo at a later date.


Portrait of Val after the match, smiling because she had scored
Val observing the pitch
Val scoring a goal
Val celebrating with Shareen (left) who assisted her and Hannah (right)

I really like all 4 of these images and as I used the right setting on my camera, the only editing I had to do on most was some cropping. I wanted to have a portrait of all three interviewees and Val is an equal blend of a staged shot and a natural image. I also really like the 2nd image. Val plays an attacking midfield role (10) so spend a lot of her time observing the field and making decisions.

I was really proud I got Val’s goal and her celebration with her team. I think it will make a good addition to her section of my article


Gemma avoiding a Leeds players slide tackle
Gemma alone on the pitch

I didn’t get as many images of Gemma as she was a substitute late in the game, however I did get this great action shot of her trying to avoid a slide tackle. I did also get the second image of her alone on the pitch, I decided to crop it less than the others cause I wanted to keep the scale of the pitch.

The three girls at the end of the match

At the end of the match I managed to get the three girls together for a picture which I may use in my final project. The cropping is a little off however so I may redo this shot.

I have also interviewed Val and she provided a great interview about her struggles with eating disorders and mental health issues. I will be speaking to Ash and Gemma soon.

I will be going to at least one more game to get some more shots. One game will be against Barnsley on the 27th of March, another with be Barnsley again on the 1st. I may also be able to get some photos from a game against Huddersfield on 3rd.