W/C 25/4 Progress Update

Hadiyah Ilyas

This time, I took pictures of a variety of subjects. I included inanimate objects such as tools in case I wished to include these in my finished project.

I dislike the way I edited this picture. I noticed that I really enjoyed viewing pictures with a lot of emotion. The consistent effective theme was that they were starkly contrasted, with very visible colour. Yet, I had a habit of reducing contrast in my pictures.

I was doing this because the darkness of the inside of the shop was incredibly difficult to work with.

I decided that I would keep some of the originals as they were and reduce the red hue in them.

Cropped to 4:3 and framed centrally, this picture would be fairly good as it is.
David Matjas, strained by the heat

I like the emotion conveyed here. I have been trying to take more up-close pictures to show the subtle details in facial emotion. As I think I am naturally good at framing pictures, I tried to focus on my weaknesses by reflecting on the editing and colour. I increased the contrast and slightly brightened the picture. I liked the result.

As the picture was taken outside, there was the advantage of not having to deal with changing the colour balance as much, which I was thankful for.

Tools in depth

I took a picture of something inanimate to change the subject matter and how I approached it. I tried to create depth of field and make a boring subject matter look more interesting. I experimented with angles, which I enjoy doing.

I felt this came out very well and realised that inanimate objects were better to take pictures of for a novice when it came to dark lighting.

Amelia Di-Clemente fixing a customer’s handlebars

After capturing pictures of tools, I went back to focusing on humans as a subject matter. I tried to use a similar technique of angling, by taking pictures in strange positions.

I wanted to take a shot of Di-Clemente’s hands as she was fixing a customer’s bike. However, I wanted to keep her face, the shop logo, and the bars in the picture.

I achieved framing all these by lying down on the floor and taking a picture. This created an interesting visual and made the picture come across very intimate, and makes the viewer feel passive in their perception of the image.

Editing the picture, I rotated the image 90 degrees, and heightened the contrast and brightness massively.

The glimmers of lighting in her teeth, nose,eyes, on the latex gloves and handlebars, create a connection and make the picture more interesting.