30/04 Progress Update

30 April, 2022

Hadiyah Ilyas

I am focusing on framing in this reflection.

In the pictures below, I framed the subject by cropping her into the centre, lower third of the frame.

At first, I thought that the sky would show that she is high in the air and give a more ‘majestic’ feel to the picture, sort of wondrous and interesting with the blue-hued background of the sky.


I then decided to crop the subject so that her body would be in the center, upper third of the grid.

Here, less of the sky and more of the ground can be seen. This gives an idea to the viewer how high up in the air the jump is, and provides some more context and understanding to the picture.

Perhaps the actual framing itself shows she is high up as she is at the top of the picture, rather than at the bottom. It also signifies her importance.


I decided that I would stick with the second picture as I felt that it was more reflective of how high the subject is. It also allows you to see her first when scrolling down a website such as Medium, as opposed to seeing a sky and then the rider at the bottom last.


As I wanted to show the subject leaving the grounds, I paid attention to the positioning again and the idea of creating distance in a picture.

This is why I wanted more of the ground covering up the picture, to show she is far away from me.

Secondly, I positioned her in the left side of the grid to show her moving ‘out’ of the picture and environment.

I am not sure if this works quite as well as I want to but I am continuing to experiment and come to an understanding by gathering opinions and research online.