Emmie 2nd May Update

I went and did some more photos for my project in a game against Barnsley, however the pictures are very bad quality due to how dark they are as my settings were all wrong

As it was so dark and my camera is quite old, I had to really take my shutter speed down and bump my camera up to its max ISO of 3200. This compromised the quality of the images and made them grainy.

However, even if the pictures weren’t great, watching the team preform and play well was still great to watch and will help me with my writing. They managed to win 7-0 in the league game and it was one of their first big wins for a while so their were lots of celebrations.

I will be starting writing next week as the team will have their final match on Tuesday 2nd against league winners Huddersfield Town. I will be doing some more photos then.