Progress Update – May 4th

As all the chaos of our final project concluded last week, I now have the ability to turn my attention over to our photojournalism project. In this progress update, I decided it would be essential to show more images – all of which I am keen to include in the final article.

Keeping in mind that these images are without any edits, or cropping, still I am proud of these pictures where I tried to have a wide range that essentially tell the story.

Within my progress for my interviews, so far I have spoken to three of the runners after the marathon to gain greater insight into each case study. I also had the opportunity to have a great chat with one of the senior marketing directors, Emma Sayers about the marathon, which has secured an interview with someone part of running the event. A great quote from her: “As an entire company, we’re really proud to have put this event on in a six-month turnover from our last marathon in October which is quite unheard of and incredible for us!”

I feel very confident about the written portion of the article with just one more interview to complete. My story is centred around the rise in running since the pandemic, and how this marathon encourages these statistics to increase further. Looking at how I intend to conclude my story, I think it speaks for itself – where do these runners go from here? And this has been asked during interviews. Because I wasn’t able to stay till the end of the marathon, I will get some pictures of Andy, one of the runners based in Leeds, and focus on his plans post-marathon.

Here are some images (there are still more images I took that I want to include, so final decisions are still in the works). Again, without any edits to fix lighting, cropping, colour etc. The last image is of Isobel Sayers one of the runners (no she’s not related to the marketing director haha).