Kaveen – Progress Update 4

Due to focussing on the final project, I have not had much time to update my progress. However, through planning carefully and balancing out my workload – it has made it easier for me to manage my time efficiently.

The Vaisakhi event went very well, I managed to get lots of photos, almost too much! There was a lot of time and effort put into the two days; my mum came up from Manchester to support me through the project, we walked for over four hours and spoke to a number of people. In regard to interviewing people, I was aware that some people, such as the event organisers, did not have much time to speak to me. To overcome this problem, I ensured that I got the contact details of everyone that I spoke to. Surprisingly, all of them were willing to do interviews with me in their own time if I needed more material.

After speaking with everyone at the event, I found that the common theme that everyone seemed to touch on was the pandemic and how Vaisakhi has not been able to be celebrated properly for the past two years. However, with covid now becoming quite an old and uninteresting topic – I decided that I want my case study’s to almost speak for themselves, they will be the drive of my story – as long as my pictures fit well with my narrative.

My biggest challenge so far, has been going through all of my pictures and picking out the best ones. At one point I almost regretted taking too many pictures but then I thought I would rather have too many than too little! I have compared even the tiniest of details between pictures, that may look exactly the same to some, but there is just that slight difference. After spending almost half a day, I finally decided on some images that I wanted to post for this progress update. I am pleased with these images to an extent, but to me there is still room for improvement – especially in relation to lighting and positioning.

To improve the positioning of some of my pictures, I will ensure that I use the crop tool correctly in photoshop as well as the perspective crop tool as I believe it is essential to get the smallest of details right in order to further enhance the quality of my pictures.