Emmie 12th May update

This week I spent a lot of time reediting some photos to make sure they were perfect and I also did some writing. I managed to get to one more game to do some more photos and got some great team pictures. The team lost 7-1 to league champions Huddersfield, but not letting them have a clean sheet was a victory in itself.

Here are some before and after photos of two photos I am using for the project:

Before and after editing and cropping

As it was a very sunny day, so a lot of the images were washed out. I used photoshop to enhance the colour and create a tighter crop on Ash. I also brought out the colours on Ash’s top to make it really stand out.

Before and after the minutes silence

The Huddersfield match was held later on in the day and with no lighting on the pitch, it was quite dark. I used a low shutter speed and a high-ish aperture to create the background blur. I then upped the brightness and changed some levels of the photo to make the colours stand out a lot more.

For the writing, I have done some research on mental health in football and given some examples of female footballers who have either given up on football or taken breaks from the sport for mental health reasons. I have spoke about Val’s mental health problems and how she got back into football as well as a small introduction to the club.

I also decided that I would only focus of Ash and Val’s story. I have more than enough material with both of them. Furthermore, looking through the pictures, I felt as if I didn’t have enough of Gemma due to her lack of game time.

I am halfway through writing the article and have selected the photos I will be using. I finally interviewed Ash. Due to her ADHD she kept forgetting about the interviews but eventually we managed to have a chat on the phone about her experiences. She gave me some really useful information and quotes which really show her personality and character