Isobel Progress Update

As one of my initial project ideas was to get some photos at a market, I then wanted to practice these types of images by looking at what worked best.

Again, this was a busy setting, so was another challenging task which I wanted to explore.

I wanted to get a close up and focus on the food as this is centrepiece of the general subject.

So, this differs in comparison to my previous progress photographs as rather than using the ‘shutter speed’ setting, I was now focusing on the ‘aperture’ setting. This is because I wanted more emphasis on the market stalls as these are all still objects.

Although the exposure on the image below is quite low, I think this works quite well as the colours of each food within the image is heightened significantly, than if the exposure was on the opposite scale. The difference is shown below:

In addition to the images of food, I also captured some other examples which are similar to ‘Macro-photography’ where you can see every, small detail of an object. However, I would have needed an extra lens which would have to be much larger for these images to be completely ‘Macro’. Although my camera does not have the same capability to reach a high zoom level, I still think I achieved this quite well.

This picture below, demonstrates this very clearly as you can see some small hairs on the left-hand side of the ornament.

As there is only one object in focus with the background all blurred, I achieved this technique by lowering the aperture which alters the depth of field to a much smaller area of focus. I think this was achieved quite effectively as the clear to blur of the different lanterns ratio is palpable.

I wanted to attempt this technique as it differs from the other photographs I have taken previously, and allows a chance for an expansion of my ability within photography.