Isobel Progress Update

I wanted to test out some more shots of more still landscapes including some of the sights of London. I also wanted to try achieve some good quality images with a person being the focus.

I like how the London Eye is the composition of the overall image with the London Eye being placed on the left-hand side rather than in the middle.

Using this technique, I feel, displays how huge the London Eye is in contrast to the other objects within the picture.

I chose to use the technique ‘Rule of Thirds’ by placing the boy in the middle of the photograph with the landmarks on either side behind him. Having him as the focal point demonstrates the symmetry of the picture and will more likely attract the attention of somebody who may be looking at this.

With this picture above, I wanted a closer angle than the previous two where, as you can observe, the boy’s face is much more clearer compared to the London Eye and Big Ben in the background. To achieve this, I adjusted the aperture setting as this is required when focusing on something more close-up image.

I thought this image below worked well as this would be a ‘candid’ like picture, where you can see the boy walking down towards the ‘underground’ station.

Ironically, the ‘underground’ sign is the highest point of the image which again, looks quite strong.

However, as I used the aperture setting rather than the shutter speed, the people who are walking in the image are slightly blurred (as they are moving) which is lowers the effectiveness of the overall picture.