Isobel Progress Update

From the feedback I received near the beginning of this process, I decided I wanted to practice taking photographs of moving objects which were clear, rather than blurry. This due to some of my previous photos of multiple things moving, not showing clarity. Therefore, I knew had to focus on the ‘shutter speed’ setting when performing this technique.

However, as you can see from these images taken, they don’t demonstrate clearness and professionalism of capturing moving objects effectively at all. It is also noticeable that my pictures are very dull.

This, I was frustrated with as I could not understand why my pictures were appearing dark, and this was happening quite a lot.

So, after a lot of googling, I eventually discovered the root of this problem.

As I knew I had to have a faster shutter speed to capture moving people, unfortunately, this was a bit too fast and not allowing enough light into the picture, hence the darkness. I also learned that the ISO could have also had an impact on the overall effectiveness of the photograph.

Sometimes pictures can look effective if taken purposely, like so however, this wasn’t the theme I was intending to go for.

Once I found the problem, my pictures gradually became much better than the ones previous.

I also found this type of photography quite difficult in terms of, being able to capture each individual moving person within the image and for them to look clear.

These photos are taken of people who were participating in a protest: Extinction Rebellion. There was thousands marching along the road so I decided this would be a good opportunity to capture some evocative photography.

I am quite proud of this particular image above, as I feel it is very strong and dramatic with each person within the image is focused. The man at the front, displays this especially, holding the sign ‘I am here for my children’ along with him appearing extremely serious which is indicating the emotiveness of why so many of them are a part of this protest.

I really enjoyed taking these photos and learning techniques on how I can make them look more effective. There are definitely other improvements I could make to enhance these even more on a professional level.