Mia Eden Progress Report 18/04/2022

For this task, I decided to adjust the photos I had previously taken in Berlin the year prior.


This photo is a street in Berlin close to the Brandenburg Gate. I thought the photo perfectly captivated the vibrance of Berlin, however the photo is dull in tone and does not catch your eye.


When editing, I lowered the exposure to make sure the photo did not become over-saturated, but instead slightly heightened the brilliance in order for the green, blues and reds present in the photograph to pop. I adjusted the saturation slightly, and heightened it to give it a more retro European feel, and heightened the Vibrancy to allow the colours to pop ever so slightly, and make the photograph more eye catching.

I took this next photograph at the top of a bus in Berlin. I thought it had potentially as the photograph is completely centralised, and has a lot of intricate detail that can come through with some editing.

What I did to this photo was similar to that of the first photograph, the brilliance, saturation and vibrance was heightened, as was the black point – in order to give it that deeper, more intense feel. The saturation and vibrancy helped the blues pop out, and overall makes the photograph more appealing to the eye.