How My Life Changed In Lockdown: I Started A Business

When Leon Joe was 19, lockdown during the pandemic began.

In his first year at the University of Westminster studying Music Business, Leon was unsure of what could occupy his time spent indoors, and what could be productive without leaving the house.

Being a fan of the game ‘Minecraft” itself, Leon saw a breakthrough into something much more than online gaming. But instead, a community of business that revolves around online gaming within the Minecraft sphere – here was birthed “Quartz”.

“I started Quartz in the middle of lockdown. It is a design and experience company creating content for Minecraft. It sounds niche and random, but there is a huge market lying around for online gaming cooperations. We have a whole team running that communicates through a Discord server and spend their time working in order to help Quartz progressive further.”

Quartz, who is currently in partnership with BlockLab Studios, actively releases a range of Minecraft add-on products such as skins for avatars, and the products are highly in demand.

“Though it doesn’t particularly seem like the stereotypical business, it definitely is. The market in online gaming is astronomical and the products people are willing to buy range from anything you can possibly think of.”