Mia Eden Progress Report 02/05/2022

For my final progress report, I decided I would try and edit some photos I would potentially be using in my Photo Journalism final project.

I wanted to showcase not only skateboarders, but skate culture in general. Therefore, I decided to get some photos of graffiti around the skatepark. I managed to get this one of Malala on the inside of a ramp.

I like this photo, as I think it showcases the culture and meaning behind skateboarding, and what type of atmosphere a skatepark is like. However, I wanted to update the photo to make it black & white.

Though I didn’t change too much about the photo, I did manage to put a black & white filter over the original photo, alongside toning down the exposure so more of the facial features could be seen, and highlighting the black point in order to give the photograph a more dark and mysterious aesthetic.

I also wanted to incorporate some LGBTQ+ friendly skatepark graffiti, and came across this also on the side of a skate ramp.

Due to the fisheye lens being a large aesthetic in skate photography culture, I decided this photo may look cooler, more vibrant, and more relevant to the skating culture with a fisheye lens. I took the same photo through the fisheye lens, and adjusted the saturation and vibrance in order to enhance the colours on the photograph. I believe it gave the photo a more interesting and unique approach.