Fin Green’s Before and After

I chose this image as it is one that could be potentially included in my project, it was shot on a Canon E0S 4000D camera with an F stop of F18, this made the whole image in focus and not just my subject, however as the F stop was so high, the overall picture doesn’t have a lot of light as the shutter was smaller.

To correct the image, I opened it in photo shop and used adjustment layers to brighten the image, I played about with the adjustments until I got my desired image and the settings ended up being:

Brightness: 8, Contrast: -10, Exposure: +0.22, Gamma Correction: 1.00, Vibrancy: +5.

I also cropped the image to get rid of the door and television, keeping the focus on my subject, the sign and the plant, as the plants are used as decoration at the Freq events that are held by the subject, so everything is relevant.

I also cropped out the space above the subject as I think it looked odd having so much headroom when the image was cropped on both sides, and there was still a lot of wall above. I also resized the image so that the width was 1920px so it fitted for online.

I had no issues while editing this photo as I just used the week 6 colour correction and cropping slides step by step, and I also knew what settings I would have to ajust in order to get my desired finished image.

This image may have further effects on it later on, as the other photos have, have more of a retro feel than this one, but this will be decided when all images are put together in future.