Week Seven: Test Shots

These are the test shots I have of the person who my article is about, Harry. As you can see, I improve the lighting of the photos by changing the F stop to a lower one, and moving where I was positioned so that the light from the window wasn’t affecting the photo negatively.

In the first image, the f stop was around F20 and was trying to get the focus on Harrys hand and the record, but where I was stood and higher F stop led to the photo basically being a silhouette. I do think the image of the space man through the record looks good and would be a good part of the image to cut out and brighten to incorporate in collage photography.

In the second image, I tried again with an F stop of around F10 to make the image brighter and still keep Harry mostly in focus, but the shutter speed. I also needed to shorten the shutter speed to stop the motion blur of Harrys arm, as motion blur wasn’t wanted in this photo.

In the third photo, I got a better angle of Harry by standing on a chair and tilting my camera so that nothing is obstructing the focus of what he is doing. The photo does need to be brightened and sharpened so that it is clearer, but this is probably one of the photos that will make the final cut in the project.

All photos are part of documentary photography journalism style approach as opposed to the illustrative photography approach that was put forward in my pitch. The reason being that as the article has come together and photos have been taken, documentary seems the more fitting style as opposed to others.