Fin Progress Update 15/4/22

I spent this week experimenting editing photos that don’t have subjects and that have only been taken on my phone. The reason being that I wanted to try and have a range of photos and not just ones with subjects in, I also have a lot of photos that I have taken on my phone when I didn’t have a camera with me, however my phone is only an iPhone XR and only has one camera so doesn’t take the best quality photos.

As I said last week, I think that the that trying to match other photos with the photos with the film camera to give the series of photos a ‘retro’ vibe is good. I think trying to save photos I have taken on my phone such as this one is a good choice. You can see the before photo looks like a blurry night out photo, but by brightening the vibrancy, making the image slightly brighter, adding noise for the grainy effect and cropping unnecessary space, it looks like the second image could’ve almost been taken on a film camera to people who didn’t know. It captures the Freq sign and the motion/vibe of the crowd which is what I intended when I took the photo.