Week Five: Aperture and shutter priority

All photos on this page were taken on a Canon EOS 4000D SLR camera, I took this photo of a leaf with the camera on aperture priority, this led to the leaf being more in focus and the background being out of focus due to a shallower depth of field. This is also why the photo is quite bright as the f stop is around F6.0, meaning the camera is letting more light in and making the photo brighter. The photo could’ve been better as it is a bit blurry, this could also be due to the camera letting too much light, but it could be because my hand needs to be steadier.

Fast Shutter Speed

By changing priority on the camera to TV, meant that I could control how fast the shutter speed was. I first attempted a shutter speed of 1/4000 as it was the highest setting on the camera, however the photo was basically pitch black as room was quite dark and the shutter speed was so fast that hardly any light was able to get through to the lens. I had a few trial shots and this photo was taken with a shutter speed of 1/1000, this still made the photo quite dark but you can see that the shutter is set at the right speed for the lighter to be caught on camera in mid air without it being blurry.

This photo was taken on a shutter speed of 1.0 seconds, this was a good speed as it caught a second of the subject moving their head to create a blurry/trippy effect. Even though the whole photo is blurry, you can tell that the effect of changing the shutter speed to a slower setting, that the quickest movement (the subject shaking his head) was caught, showing where the movement in the photo is which is the purpose of this setting on the camera. The photo would’ve had more effect if the whole photo apart from the head was a bit less blurry.