Post production editing

I selected the first picture to practice editing due to the overall darkness of the image and the lack of vibrant colours, I selected the second picture because it appears dull and lifeless.


After – To begin with I altered the brightness using photoshop image adjustments layers then went in and heightened the exposure which made the image lighter. To enhance the colours I heightened the contrast so hat the black would be darker in comparison to the bright green grass and red clothing items.


After – In an attempt to make the image brighter I turned up the exposure and brightness but ended up losing a lot of the detail on Rosie’s face because of the way the original image was.

Looking at the pictures side by side I didn’t like the final edit so went back into photoshop to edit again. When editing again I left the exposure alone and instead played with the vibrancy, hue, and colour balance to achieve the desired effect.