Shutter Speed and ISO

For this workshop, we learnt about how shutter speed and ISO settings affect the outcome of pictures taken on a DSLR camera. The lower the ISO, the clearer the image is. The shutter speed controls how much light enters the camera, making images come up darker or more exposed.

The first picture is Rai jumping, captured in mid air. The settings for this picture were ISO 100, f2.8 and 1/1250. The clear silhouette of Rai is achieved through a fast shutter speed setting and avoids the action in the image from becoming blurred.

The second image is Rai standing in front of a busy road, as cars race by. The settings for this image were ISO 100, f20 and 1/4 s. Rai is the focal point of the image and in captured in photos while the car in the background is blurred.