Post production technique to improve images

For workshop 4, I chose to edit two pictures from workshop 3 of Rai. The first image was in focus, due to the low, but too dark. The second image was overexposed but slightly out of focus. Editing on both of these images will elevate them to a more professional standard.

I chose to edit the picture of Rae mid jump. The image was too dark to see everything captured in the picture. The edits I did to this image were:

  • Increasing the exposure
  • Increasing the saturation and vibrance
  • Added some contrast to accentuate the colour and clarity

The second image I chose to edit is Rai standing in front of a busy road. The image was slightly overexposed and the colours were faint. The edits I did to this image were:

  • Decreased the exposure
  • Increased the contrast
  • Increased the clarity slightly
  • Increased the saturation and vibrancy