Reflection of Progress

For the final photojournalism crochet, I have decided to write an online article about crochet. Currently named ‘falling in love with modern crochet’, there is a three part plan.

First to speak to people who have learnt how to crochet in the past few years and are under the age of 30. Then speak to those 35+ about their crochet journeys and explore how age affects the crafters creations and creative process.

The introduction will first explore the history behind this traditional craft and mention the main types of crochet and maybe even mention some more technical versions that are less popular. The crochet world is a lot bigger than we can ever imagine.

During the pandemic, there was a boom in people getting into crochet because of the app TikTok. I will be researching its effect on crochet for the article to help demonstrate further the modernisation of the craft. 

This test shot was taken on a 35mm film camera with 400 ISO and features musician, Neve Stokeo, in a custom made crochet scarf (made by me).