Research Task 2

I have chosen to research and take inspiration from Fine Art and Fashion photography. The three photographers I have chosen are Nobuyoshi Araki, David Bailey and Diane Arbus. All of them specialise in evoking emotion through black and white portraits.

Fine Art photography is traditionally shot on film. It requires technical skill  as lighting, choice of lens and subject all affect the product’s outcome. The photograph should express an emotion or idea to be considered ‘fine art’.

Fashion photography incorporates fine art alongside a product and model. It is used to sell a product/lifestyle to the consumer through aesthetically pleasing imagery.

Nobuyoshi Araki is a fine art photographer, specialising in eroticism and known for using collage, film and polaroid instant in his art. He has also been incredibly controversial because of the nature of his photography subject choice. One of his main motifs is that he shoots with very little preparation, ensuring that nearly all of the creativity used is in the moment and unique to that shoot. No picture is ever quite the same as the last. Due to the graphic nature of his art, I am unable to feature it.

David Bailey is a fashion photographer, most well known for the imagery he used during the Swinging Sixties and his use of black and white photos. He photographed well known icons like The Beatles, Mick Jagger and Twiggy. This helped the push the idealised style of the sixties high fashion scene.

Diane Arbus was an early fashion photographer, whose subjects were from all walks of life and showcased the aesthetics within different communities. One of her most notable choice of subject was the transvestite community.