Task 7

When you start to explore the queer scene in Leeds, you think of Viaduct, Fibre and New Penny. But when you dive in a bit deeper, you might find Gyratory. A queer futuristic disco run by DJ Weakings, DJ Phantom Phallus and infamous Leeds drag artist, Barb D’Wyer.

DJ Phantom Phallus

With a recommended dress code of construction-core, retrofuturism and fembots, the dance floor was filled with the most glamorous individuals you’ll ever set eyes on. 


Barb D’Wyer was a disco ball come to life in the campest, most extravagant way. The light reflected as they danced on the Wharf Chambers stage alongside fellow go-go dancer for the evening, Vainuz.

Barb D’Wyer

Smiling faces occupied the event as strangers came together to move their bodies to their mix of house, techno and the occasional appearance from New Order, a notorious favourite of both Weakings and Phantom Phallus.

Patsy V

Fellow journalist, Silva, enjoys solo clubbing and danced the night away in the centre of the dance floor, happy to gyrate alone or with anyone around who wanted a boogie.


By the end of the night, the line between performers and attendees became blurred as the stage was filled with eccentrically dressed individuals. An incredibly fun evening from start to finish.

Attendee of Gyratory