Beauty being a short drive away

An image of a seagull landing on a railing in Whitby on a sunny day
An image of a
An image of
An image of two people stood on the beach as water surrounds them
An image of the ocean meeting the sand with birds flying in the sky on a sunny day.
An image of houses along the sea on a sunny day.
An image of a passageway to the beach.
An image of the sun shining on the

Originally I liked the idea of being able to take landscape photographs to tell a story and I did want to do this for my final assessment. However, I realised in order to do this I would have to travel to different places to show my story of “beauty being a short drive away” and lacked the time to be able to do this. I also realised I would have to talk to multiple people to make the story interesting, in the hopes to find niche inspiring stories on the little towns. After recognising this I decided to come up with another idea for my final assessment, I do however think my original idea is doable and it would be something I could potentially do in the future.