Edit production task, week 5

For this workshop we were asked to edit photographs we have already taken using photoshop. I shot these images at a dance competition and chose them as I believed they were OK alone but could become good images after editing. I used Adobe Premier Pro to edit the photos.

For this first photograph I cropped the image to allow the individuals to become more focused. I adjusted the brightness and contrast. After doing this I still believed the image to only be average so decided to make it black and white for extra effect; I think this plays off well but the image could still be sharper by adjusting the contrast more.

For the second image I again cropped the size, to allow the individual to become more central. I adjusted the brightness and contrast, to allow the individual to appear sharper and more defined. As well as this I also colour corrected. I believe these changes make the image more interesting to look at.


Our fifth workshop task included post-production. I selected three images that I had recently taken at a dance competition. Alone the images were OK, but I felt like they could be better with some finishing touches.
I edited all three images using Photoshop, changing the brightness, contrast, etc.
Overall I found this workshop task challenging, I wasn’t as familiar with Adobe Photoshop the same way I was with other editing software and I still lacked the confidence to trust my abilities in regards to photos.
I wasn’t as happy with the final products as I wanted to be but gained confidence when undertaking my final project for university as I used the software to edit images on there.
If I were to do this task again I would feel more confident, after weeks of using the DSLR camera I am confident in my abilities and I have begun to develop my knowledge of photoshop. I would use less contrast and do more levels of colour correction.