Meaningful art: the hidden meaning behind tattoos

Tattoos are highly common around the UK now, in the past they used to be quite the “taboo”. Many people get tattoos, just to simply get a tattoo. While others get tattoos because of more meaningful reasons.

Raianne Roche has different tattoos on her body, and some have a hidden story behind them.

An image of a tattoo on a wrist in latin writing.
According to comparecamp, 35% of inividuals in the UK have tattoos.

This tattoo means “remember you will die” in Latin. Roche said: “it’s a nice reminder to live life everyday as the end is always impending.”. Roche likes to be aware of how precious and fragile life is.

Roche shares tattoos with her family. She explained that they have a family tradition on each one of their 18th birthdays. Roche said the heart tattoo was: “a commemorative tattoo for our family as it was my sisters 18th birthday.”

Roche further explained her butterfly tattoo on her ankle is what she got when she was 18 years old, saying herself and her family also got the same tattoo.

According to Next Luxury tattoos are on the second layer of skin.

Tattoos are permanent and Roche doesn’t regret a single one, she is looking forward to her next family tradition tattoo session.


For one of my workshop tasks, we were asked to re do our first task. I decided to change story as I couldn’t find shots interesting enough to show off anti-home agriculture. I decided to go with the idea of meaningful tattoos as I could take numerous photographs that are interesting to the eye.

All photos went through Adobe Post Production where I edited the brightness and contrast so the tattoos were more visible. Overall I think I have showed improvement from week one with the ability to now use photoshop and the understanding involved in knowing a good photograph.