Progress report: Week 10 & 11

These are the two weeks I was in Thailand. A lot happened for me during these two weeks as I was focusing on this the whole time I was there. I wanted to capture some great moments on camera and due to the fact my piece being based in Thailand, I knew I had to get it right as if I missed anything it would be too late by the time I came back home to Leeds.

I arranged my days so based around what I wanted pictures of. When Songkran came around, I made a conscious effort to constantly be taking photos of everything that was going on to make sure I was capturing enough so I had plenty of choice to choose from. I also planned trips to temples so I could include these in my piece because this is a huge part of Thai culture and visiting temples are a massive part of Songkran.

I also had to set up interviews with relevant people and make sure they were thorough enough because if they weren’t there was a small chance I would be able to ask them more questions once the interview had ended. I also had to source people who spoke good enough English so that I could include good chunks of it.

When Songkran came around, it was vital that I was there from start to finish to make sure I fully immersed myself in the culture and got to experience it all.

I managed to get everything I wanted in these two weeks and was very happy with what I did.

I took quite a few shots that were not used in my final article:

I chose not to use some of these images due to a few of them being poor quality or not being able to find a place to relate them to my article. Due to the large amount of pictures I had to choose from, I had to carefully choose which ones I wanted to include which took a while but I am happy with the decisions I made.