Progress report: Week 9

This week I wanted to started to put together a plan so I would know what I needed to get in Thailand so I could make sure I didn’t miss anything when I went there. I set up headers based off what I wanted to talk about in my piece and wrote down who I would want to be speaking to so I could see if I could source any of these people before. I was able to source one interview before I even went so I was feeling hopeful at this point. I also had a catch up with Karl where we went over my idea and spoke about possible routes I could take with it. I felt like I was prepared to now go to Thailand and be able to get everything I needed to get.

I also began taking practice shots of anything and everything to make sure i would be ready for the real thing. I began by taking shots of mostly still images just so i could get used to the different settings and analyse fully if the images where turning out successful or not.

Some of the shots i took as practice: