Shutter speed and ISO workshop

For the fourth workshop we were asked to take different images using a fast and slow shutter speed. The first two images on the slideshow are of a fast shutter speed, showing Sapphire and Izzy jumping. Using a fast shutter speed allowed for the images to almost look still, without blur. Catching them the moment they are in the air.

The second two images are a slow shutter speed. I asked for Rai and Rosie to stand still while moving cars were driving behind them. Using the slow shutter speed allowed for both individuals to look focused while the car is blurry showing it was moving. In the second image of Rosie, you can see her hair blowing in the wind, showing movement similar to the car. You can see a difference between the last two images, with the last image having a slower shutter speed than the third, which can be seen in the difference in how blurred the car is in each photo.


Our fourth workshop task was about aperture. I initially found the task easy to get my head around when I was physically in the classroom but when I got outside I then struggled. I found it difficult to navigate F stop, shutter speed, and ISO at the same time but after practice with other photojournalism students outside I began to understand the process better. I think the main struggle was my lack of knowledge of the camera itself, but this was then rectified with more practice.
Upon researching aperture, I noticed wildlife photography and the ways in which photos could be taken in different ways when animals moved. I found this interesting and something I would potentially enjoy doing. I think the main struggle from this particular task was confidence in regards to the camera and I recognise with more practice I would have been able to produce better quality images.