The fall of the high-street

Popular shops in Leeds City Centre are being forced to close down as the cost of living crisis continues to make it difficult for businesses to survive as prices soar higher.

The whole of the UK has felt the impact of the living crisis as living prices are continuing to increase with no end in sight. Rent, electrical prices and heating have all become more expensive than ever before and some businesses are struggling to cope, forcing popular shops to close.

House of Fraser, Debenhams and Victoria Secret are just a few of the shops that have recently closed down on the Leeds High Street leaving many shocked and worried what will happen to other popular stores.

Victoria Secret in the Trinity Centre is now showing closed signs on the front of their store

As big-named shops on the high-street continue to fall, workers are left wondering whether their shop will too be affected with the constant increasing rates and the growth of online shopping.

Mark Stones, sales assistant at House of Fraser said, “I have worked here for coming up to 10 years and I’m sad to see the store have to close. Everything is completely discounted with us just trying to get rid of final stock before closing date.

“What was once an extremely popular and thriving store can just no longer cope any more or keep up with struggling times. Many shops need financial help and it’s just not possible.”

With pressure on the high-street, shops have no choice but to continue to try and remain successful during these trying times.