Week 3: depth of field workshop

When taking images it is important that your focus is set to the correct settings to allow your image to turn out exactly how you want it. When Focus can make an image blurrier or sharper, depending on how you want your image to look. Altering the Aperture (F-stop) changes what you camera is focussing on and how blurry or sharp the background of your image will be. Aperture measures the diameter of the lens openings. The higher your F-number is, the smaller the aperture will be. For example, if your F number is set to 2, your background will be blurry and your camera will focus in on one thing. If your F-number is set to 8 there is a wider focus and your background will be more visible.

In the first image I was aiming for a blurry background with the focus being on Grace. The second image took I was aiming for the focus to stay on Grace, but to incorporate a bit more of the background. This therefore makes the image slightly darker because there is less light due to the wider focus. In the final image I wanted a wider focus on the whole image so used a higher F setting. This made the image a lot darker, but everything was in focus.

F 5.6

F 16

F 32

I shot three images on a flat surface and arranged the images so that one was closer to the lens, one was just slightly further back and then one was at the back. The first image shows all three objects in focus. I set my camera to F 1.4 to achieve this. The second image shows the front image being in sharp focus with the other two objects being blurry. I set my camera to F16. I used my iPhone 13 camera for this and set my camera to portrait to therefore change the F level.

F 1.4

F 16