Week 3: Reflection

Week 3 was all about learning about focus and aperture on a professional camera. After being taught what it all is and how to set it on the cameras, we were set the task of going outside and taking images with the F-stop set to 3 different settings- one low, one in the middle, and one high. Straight away I noticed the difference in my images and immediately starting thinking how I can use this when taking images for my final piece so I found this lesson really useful.

At first I found it quite hard to get my head around the different settings, but after being shown how to do it I was good. I now know the higher the F-stop, the more HD one particular thing in the image is, and the higher it is, the smaller the aperture is so more of the image is visual.

After going outside and taking the three main images, I was able to come back inside to practice some more with different items and see how defined I could make one image compared to the others. I found this really interesting as it is something I have never done before and really feel like it could be useful in many different scenarios.