Week 4: Shutter Speed Workshop

The shutter speed on a camera is normally set to manual, however can be changed to affect how your image will turn out.

The shutter speed controls how much light gets to the sensor- a faster shutter speed will make your image darker and anything in your image that is moving will be in focus and defined. If your shutter speed is set to slow, the shutter on the camera is opening and closing at a slower rate, so anything in the image will be more blurry and more light will be captured in your image.

This image was taken with minimal blur as I used a fast shutter speed. As you can see in this image, my image has minimal blur as the shutter was set to a fast level meaning the movement of my subject jumping can be captured easily. The background is slightly darker.

This image was taken with a slow shutter speed. As you can see, her head is blurry yet my subject is completely in focus. This creates a great effect and allows my subject to be the main focus.

With a fast shutter, you are able to freeze the moment you are photographing, whereas with a slow shutter, more movement will be visible. This is important to know as it can really change the outcome of your image. In this image, her head is moving and blurry whereas her body is set still and in focus. You can really create interesting images with these settings and I would love to practice this more in the future.