Week 5: Reflection

This weeks task was to improve two images I had already taken on photoshop to make them look better.

The first image I chose was a photo of Grace because the original image was too dark and not the right framing. To edit this image I changed things such as the brightness and contrast to bring the light in the photo out. I also edited the saturation.

The second image I chose was an image of someone stood in front of a sunset. I knew this image would be challenging to edit but this is why I chose it. I wanted to play around and see just how well I would be able to fix a difficult image and put my skills to the test. I was able to lighten to image and make the subject more clear by editing things like the brightness and exposure, however, the colours in the sunset were just too saturated and it was hard to change this without ruining the whole image and taking away from the beauty of the sunset. However, I still think I managed to improve the image and now know going forward that I will not be taking images where a subject is darker in front of a bright background as it is difficult to deal with. This was also a landscape image, so was hard to crop down without losing the bottom part of the image. Although this could have turned out better, it was fun to experiment with adjusting different things and seeing how they all impact an image.