Week 6: Raw images

A RAW image is an image that is uncompressed. Photos are normally taken as a JPEG on cameras, so it is important to change your settings to RAW if this is the kind of image you want to take. Due to the image not being compressed, it takes up a lot more storage however can be changed to JPEG when editing is done.

This is the RAW image I decided to edit. There are a lot of things to play around with on this image as she is wearing eye make up, the background is also a blue colour which will change depending on what things you decide to edit on Photoshop. Her hair is also blonde which can easily be picked up when editing so it is important to be careful to not change the image too much that it loses its authenticity and looks overly edited.

I wanted to make my RAW image brighter, so I adjusted most things slightly to achieve this. The background was a bit dull, so I also wanted to brighten this up and make her eye make up stand out more. I set the temperature to 5450, the tint to +21, the exposure to +0.05, the contract to +35, the highlights to -4, the whites to +3 and the blacks to -31, the vibrance to +34 and the saturation to +8. I also changed the clarity to +10. Although a lot of these were small changes, when editing I could notice all the difference. I know think she stands out more in this image and it is more likely to catch your eyes if you were to walk past it as the original image felt a bit dull to me.