Week One: Reflection

In week one, we were set a task to find a story on the streets of Leeds and find relevant images to match our story. I decided to do a story on big stores on the Leeds High street closing down.

I feel as though this was a good story to do as I was able to take images of the stores closing down and there were a number of stores to choose from. I was also able to get an interview which I was glad about as a story is always more reliable with an interviewee giving their take on things.

When I spoke to Karl and Ruth, they told me that my work would be improved if I included a picture of the person who I had interviewed. I had every intention of doing this, however when I returned to the store to try and take on board the feedback, the store was closed and therefore I could not get a picture of him. From this, I learnt to work faster and always use my initiative as my work could have been improved but I missed the opportunity.

Overall, I enjoyed week one and it made me excited for what was to come in photojournalism.