Week two: Reflection

In week two, we were set the task of completing a research post to help us think about the type of photography we would like to do for our project. We were told to research a type of photojournalism that we wanted to look into more and could potentially end up doing for our final piece.

I decided to choose candid images as these are the types of images that have always interested me. I also have an idea of what I would like my project to be about, which will most likely include a lot of candid images, so I thought this would be the best thing to learn about.

I included my favourite candid images in my blog piece, which two out of three turned out to be black and white. I was quite surprised with how many candid images are actually black and white as I have only ever seen coloured ones. I am unsure whether I will use colour in my final piece so decided to include a mix in my blog.

In class, we were shown all the different types of photojournalism there are and how they are used to portray different stories through different methods.