Workshop task 7

I began taking photographs for my final assessment. I took numerous test shot images and even some images I initially thought would make the final cut.
For the first image, I was trying to show how Rea Stuart now sees herself in the mirror. I wanted to be able to show a shift in how Stuart has begun to feel now and capture her in an authentic way. I didn’t however use this image as it felt like a “snapshot” image and I felt as though I could take another image, capturing the same feeling, with a better background.
For my second image, I wanted to show my skills with using shutter speed. I loved this image. I felt as though it showed Stuart washing away all the negativity she has endured due to being who she wants to be. However, when looking post-production at this image I noticed bathroom utensils in the back of the photo which differed my attention from what I was trying to portray.

This task allowed me to gain the knowledge that I needed for my final assessment. I knew what I wanted to create, and the messages I wanted to portray and I felt as though I had a better understanding of how to do this now. I also began to develop confidence in the selection process, pointing out to myself what I knew I needed to re-do and began accrediting myself for the good quality photos I was producing. This task allowed me to have a clearer vision in mind for what I was wanting to produce.