Leeds marathon: striding towards victory

Thousands of marathon runners take to the streets of Leeds with former Rhinos player Rob Burrows, to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease.

Rob Burrows has become a true hero in Leeds after he has become one of the countries biggest campaigners for Motor Neurone Disease after being diagnosed in 2019. Burrows completed the race too with a help from his friend Kevin Sinfield, who pushed Burrows to victory.

Supporters cheering runners on through Headingley

The marathon is the first marathon to take place in Leeds in 20 years and is a 26.2 mile long run crossing through places such as Woodhouse Moor, Bramhope, Otley and Headingley with the finish line being at Headingley Stadium. All streets were blocked off making way for the route.

Ben Jacks ran his first ever marathon today and finished the race with a smile on his face and a medal in his hand to show his success.

Ben Jacks after completing the marathon

He said, “I really enjoyed running the marathon for such a great cause and I am glad I got to be apart of it and experience something I had never done before. The atmosphere was amazing and everyone cheering us on really kept my momentum up. I would definitely run a marathon again and I will be keeping an eye out for any more that come up.”

Runners in the marathon through Headingley

The streets were filled with huge crowds and music to keep everyone entertained whilst they waited for their loved ones to pass them. They held colourful banners and rang bells to keep the atmosphere nothing short of electric. There were bands playing in the street to keep the mood bright.

Band playing music on Headingley Road

The event was closely watched by a number of police officers to make sure everything ran smoothly and the day stayed successful.