Week One- Cracking Creme Egg hunt begins

Latest Cadbury campaign rolled out across the UK

Following its spectacular success in 2022, confectionery giant- Mondelēz International- has announced the return of the Cadbury’s Creme Egg ‘How Do You Not Eat Yours?’ campaign.

Creme Egg Advertisement sign

A nationwide search is currently underway amongst shoppers all across the UK- on the hunt for the special half-milk chocolate, half-white chocolate eggs. 

The competition will be ongoing for several months, with a small number of winning eggs randomly dotted across the UK between 26 December, 2022 and 9 June, 2023.

The brand manager for Cadbury Creme Egg, Lyndsey Homer said: “We were absolutely blown away by the response to our campaign last year.”

Those lucky enough to find one of the special eggs could win up to £5000 as part of the ultimate Easter challenge. 

Leeds resident, Neo Slatz said: “I think the chance of winning is too small for me to take part. But, I do think these campaigns keep people loyal to Cadburys, as opposed to other big brands such as Galaxy.” 

Cadbury fans have been warned to resist eating their special egg if one is found to ensure they can claim the cash prize, as a photo of the shopper with their uneaten winning egg may be required.