Week Three- Depth of field workshop

Depth of field is an important concept in the world of photography. It refers to the zone within a photo which appears sharp and in focus.

In Monday’s session we began to learn how to use a camera, as there are various elements to consider for achieving different shots.


I used the ‘AV’ button, meaning aperture value. Aperture refers to the opening of the lens, through which the light travels.

I started by using the lowest AV/ f-stop, which meant there was a deep field and more light was let into the camera. Using the F5.6 meant that less of the image was in focus, and the background was blurrier.


I then increased the f-stop to the middle value of F16.

For my final shot in Millennium Square, I increased the AV setting to the highest available f-stop value which was F32. This meant that much less light was let in but more of the image was in focus.


Extra Bits:


For this shot, I used the lowest f-value. This meant that the background was blurrier, but the items in photo were really sharp.